Call for Proposals

  • STScI official Call for proposals.
  • Deadline: May 1st 2020 (Launch is on schedule for March 2021, but STScI would keep that deadline even if there were a short delay).
  • Cycle 1 covers October 2021 – September 2022
  • Preparing a JWST proposal is long. Phase 1 and Phase 2 are streamlined into a single step that must be completed at the proposal deadline.
  • A hard 5% share for Canada will not be enforced for Cycle 1. Goal is 5% over the observatory lifetime.
  • CSA should announce in March 2020 that they offer funding to Canadian PIs with accepted proposals.
  • Proposals will be evaluated in a double blind method (the TAC will not know your name/institution). This is to remove gender biases as well as Large vs. Small Institutions biases. You must your proposal without making apparent who you are, especially when referring to your work.
  • About 6000 hours will be available for GO Cycle 1, including about 2000 hours in oversubscription to maximize scheduling efficiency.
  • 3500 hrs for Small programs (T < 25 hrs), 1500 hrs for Medium programs ( 25 hrs < T < 75 hrs), 1000 hrs for Large programs (T > 75 hrs).