AMI+KPI Workshop

3-day workshop held July 25-27 2022 in Montreal on the MIL campus


Loic Albert
Etienne Artigau
Dori Blakeley
Doug Johnstone
Jens Kammerer
David Lafreniere
Frantz Martinache
Katherine Thibault
Peter Tuthill
Thomas Vandal

Marshall Perrin
Anand Sivaramakrishnan
Alexandra Greenbaum
Marie Ygouf
Matthew De Furio
Rachel Cooper
Deepashri Thatte
Kevin Volk
Neil Rowlands
Anthony Soulain


Charge Migration (Anand)
KPI+AMI JWST Programs – 1/f – Cross-hatching
Complexe scenes with Dori Blakely
Commissioning Observations (Rachel)
Commissioning Analysis Scripts (Rachel)
NIRISS Pupil Modelling (Rachel)
Matthew De Furio
Peter Tuthill’s Toliman
Jens Kammerer’s Fouriever
∂Lux Taking Derivatives Through Light

Recorded sessions

Day 2 recorded session
Day 3 recorded session

Investigations and actions for the group

Other actions:
– Correct charge migration (Anand)
– Compare data before / after big event of Wolf Rayet NIRISS ERS