FGS Science team meeting / Montreal, October 2015

Day 1 – Tuesday October 20  

8h30                           Coffee

9h00                           Welcome – meeting goals                                                                        René

Project Overview

9h05                      René (UdeM/iREx)    JWST_Project_status

link to presentation

Operation activities

9h20                      André (STScI)  :

1 –  martel_UdeM_oct15_CV3

2 – martel_UdeM_oct15_commissioning

9h40                         Kevin   Calibration working group report



10h20                                    Break / coffee time !

10h40                       Swara         NIRISS_ETC_update_SW_Oct2015

link to presentation



11h00                                    Application Proposal Tool – feedback & discussion              All

Paul’s  slides : NIRISS_ScienceTeamMtg_102015_Goudfrooij


11h20                                    Discussion on data pipeline development                                René & Alex

11h40                   Nikole                 Transit working group report


12h00                                   Loic SOSS simulator


12h30                                    Lunch (lab visit; NIIRISS Optical Simulator)                               Loic

NIRISS GTO key program status

13h00                                   Chris          High-z galaxies


Link to presentation

13h30                                   David          Exoplanets


NIRISS small GTO programs

14h00                                   David          BDs/PMOs in star forming regions


14h20                                  Anand/John     Io volcanism, AGN/ULIRG with AMI

Io volcanism, AGN/ULIRG with AMI

14h40                                   Doug  Circumstellar disks with AMI


Link to presentation

15h00                       Neil              Dust in planetary nebulae with AMI


15h20                                    Break

15h40                                    Transit spectroscopy of the Eclipsing System LHS-6343        Loic

15h50                    Etienne           Assessing the binarity of a PMO 2pc from the Sun


16h00                                   Jason                    NIRISS Targets of Opportunity


Link to presentation

16h10                                    GTO timeline            update, ERS            , parallels                                          René/all



16h30                                    Slack/discussion or splinters                                                       All

17h30                                    Adjourn

19h30                                    Dinner at Nil Bleu (http://nilbleu.ca)


Nil Bleu (Le)

No Description



Day 2 – Wednesday October 21


8h30                           Coffee

9h00                           Splinter sessions

10h45                                    Break

11h00                                    Splinter debrief (GTO publication plan)

11h30                                    Discussion                                                                           All

  • Science team organization
  • Work plan, schedule, pre-launch papers
  • GTO down select & evaluation
  • Future meetings/events

12h00                                    Executive session                                                               Core team

End of meeting

12h30                                    Lunch

13h30-16h                Interchange meeting (CV3 planning,…)

16h                             Adjourn